iLinX turns your iPhone or iTouch into a StreamNet-connected wireless controller for your NetStreams DigiLinX and NaimNet multi-room AV Control systems. It provides control of all aspects of the system from the convenience of a wireless device. By utilizing the innovative features of Apple’s iPhone user interface, such as momentum scrolling and accelerometer, it brings StreamNet control to an exciting new level.


iLinX integrates AppleTV / iTunes

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  1. Automatic discovery of rooms and sources in your system

  2. Media Sources

  3. Music Servers (ReQuest, Imerge, Escient, Naim, SMM)

  4. Local input, including NaimNet local input selection

  5. iPort

  6. Tuners (IR controlled)

  7. Tuners with meta-data feedback (RS232 and NaimNet)

  8. XM / Sirius

  9. CD, DVD, DVR

  10. Lighting

  11. All DigiLinX supported lighting systems, with feedback

  12. HVAC

  13. AprilAire, SensibleHeat, International HVAC

  14. Air Conditioning

  15. General Purpose / Generic control

  16. Cameras

  17. Multi-view, landscape/portrait rotation

  18. Auto-scan mode

  19. Security

  20. Advanced configuration options including Favorites

  21. Timed Events / Alarm Clock (requires dealer configuration)

  22. Two-way integration with AppleTV / iTunes

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iLinX is developed by Janus in association with Micropraxis. All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respective owners. email :